AETCH BASE  is an fashion design collective. What motivates us is rare, unique and innovative streetwear and high fashion designs with a background in street fashion.

AETCHBASE is invitation only. accessories prints. To learn more contact or visit or visit for bookings, new design releases and info for collaborations

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to produce the most unique the most innovative the most creative designs that you have ever seen. wow every company now is working on cutting so we are strictly working on design based clothing stuff that you will never find anywhere else stuff that you can't find anywhere else because no one else can reproduce it unless they steal it from us wish we will handle on our own terms if you still our designs cuz we spend days on our designs so yeah that's our mission dope designs if you don't like it find another fuckboi company that cares about nothing and doesn't care about you good luck at the supreme store.

Ever since I got into fashion and streetwear I've been looking for a clothing company that is doing stuff that no other clothing company is doing. but I found hbase I realized that the designs they were doing or so far ahead of their time and so different than anyone else and the fact that it's a limited edition of each print makes it more adorable. There's nothing that is sacred to me if you can walk into a supreme store by sure walk out and then the next guy behind you can go in and buy the same shirt what is sacred about that culture what is unique what font did they take years to find like it took hbase for years to find their fonts what about the designs this is why I am a customer of hbase you don't have to be I'm not telling you to be in fact it increases my ability pieces rarer than other people and whenever you are in that situation when you find someone who actually has H&H space shirt and makes it that much more exciting and appealing that they know something that you know as soon as I get inside secret into the Fashion world or at least the underground Street Fashion world because the aboveground Street fashion world has left us a long time ago and left us in the streets paying thousands of dollars for a shirt now hbase is it no cheap brand they do have 50 to $100 shirts but their quality their unique they're made in the USA they're limited edition and they will never sell you out for a bigger company like all the other companies have hell you don't even know the names of the people who run hbase they like to stay anonymous that's what I like about them they're not about the fame to not about the money they're about the quality and the culture and the uniqueness of their designs they put their heart and soul into each design so buy it or not I don't care needs more please more for me and for the people I know that know what's up.

Simon Andrade
local Street thug and collector of rare clothes.

About Us

Avakian Vanderlei

Brother of designer

Basically we're not we're not trying to be about anyting we just want to be your own selves do my own thing put out custom designs unique designs that no one else has ever seen before the make people be like wow I really feel that you know like I've never seen nothing like that before where do I get one that you know that's what we want to do but we're not trying to like be anything except for what we are and what we are is unique and that's it.